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Slope steps and embankment steps
Garden ideas for the slope

Steep terrain in the garden is difficult to reach. With slope steps you can solve the problem very easily and safely. In the following, we will introduce you to the advantages and the variants of the slope steps that are available in our online shop.

A short history of the slope steps

The online shop is run by Ulrich Wilhelm and is based in Neusäß near Augsburg in Germany. Ulrich Wilhelm knows from his own experience what it means when steep terrain in the garden is very difficult to access and when it is almost impossible to tend plants or weed. So the idea was born to find a remedy and step by step the first slope steps and embankment steps were developed. Today, you can choose from a wide range of products in the slope steps online shop and realise your own slope garden ideas. The slope steps and embankment steps are not available in this form, because they have the European patent EP 3 461 966 B1 and the German utility model DE 20 2017 005 022 at the German Patent and Trademark Office.

Hangstufen im Schnee

Garden ideas for the slope - mobile stairs made of slope steps

All slope steps and embankment steps that you can find in our online shop are practical, functional and offer you barrier-free access to the slope. You can mount the steps on the outside and remove them again if necessary. This is particularly advantageous if you need the steps into the garden elsewhere. Then you simply reassemble them there.

You can mount the stair treads outside and remove them again if required.

Staircase construction in the garden - Laying steps outside - safe steps in the garden

If you want to lay steps in the garden, stable constructions are very important. After all, you should be able to stand and walk safely on the steps outside. If you choose our slope steps or embankment steps, you will always be on the safe side. We offer you stairs for the garden for different slopes. Staircase construction in the garden conserves resources, because a mobile staircase made up of slope steps gives you the guarantee that the plants under the steps will not be damaged. So you can be safe on the one hand and realise your own slope garden ideas on the other. To do this, select the steps or slope treads that best suit your personal taste. If you need assistance in selecting steps for outside use, we will be happy to advise you.

Treppenbau im Garten
Hangstufen aus Stahl

Garden ideas for the slope - outside steps are quickly installed

A mobile staircase is excellently suited to safely and reliably compensate for slope gradients. With slope steps, you can additionally compensate for the lateral slope of the terrain. Our steps in the garden can bear loads of up to 250 kg. If you want to install 5 steps in the garden, you will need no more than 30 minutes. Detailed installation instructions for the outdoor steps are included in the delivery.

You will also find valuable information on our website. Once you have installed the steps outside, it is not a final matter, because flexibility and mobility characterise the construction of steps in the garden. You can remove the steps at any time, move them to another location or store them safely. Slope steps take up very little space, because you can stack them inside each other.

Info on the topic

Detailed assembly instructions for the exterior stair treads are included.

With our slope steps you can realise your slope garden ideas.

We offer you a wide range of garden ideas for the slope. Regardless of what material the steps in the garden are made of, they can be supplied in the sizes

  • Mini with a depth of 200 mm for slopes up to 45 degrees
  • Midi with a depth of 250 mm for slopes up to 40 degrees
  • Maxi with a depth of 300 mm for slopes up to 35 degrees.

can be supplied.

You can choose between slope steps with or without recessed grip. In either case, there is an angle riveting which ensures a very stable construction. The tread of the steps to the garden is always trapezoidal. The tread of the side facing the slope is always narrower than the side facing away from the slope with the long legs.

Hanggarten Ideen

Garden ideas for the slope - simple and plain or colourful and decorative

Many people not only value safe outdoor stair treads, but also want to design their mobile staircase according to their own wishes. Staircase construction in the garden offers you countless possibilities to give free rein to your creativity. There are slope steps made of raw steel (rusty) or galvanised steel (shiny), of aluminium or stainless steel. If you want to realise your individual garden ideas for the slope, you can choose our decorative, colourful and powder-coated slope steps. We offer you the possibility of having slope steps made in the colour of your choice. Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to make you a personal offer.

We offer you the possibility to make slope steps in your desired colour.

Implementing slope garden ideas - accessories for our slope steps and embankment steps

We offer you various accessories that can provide valuable services during the installation of the steps in the garden or at a later date. You can choose between the following products:

  • Spare bars
  • Knee pads
  • Rubber mallet
  • Spirit level
  • Yardstick
  • Screw wet and wing nut
  • Extension bar for steep terrain.

Other Accessories are also available if required.

Steps in the garden - safe with the walkway slab

Similar to the slope step, the walkway slab is also available in the variants:

  • Mini with 200 mm depth
  • Midi with 250 mm depth
  • Maxi with 300 mm depth

available. You can also choose between tread plates made of raw or galvanised steel. If you would like to realise your garden ideas not only for the slope but also for other areas, the tread plates are a good addition to the slope steps. You can lay them either individually or one behind the other as a path. They are particularly suitable where it quickly becomes slippery or dirty. Your feet stay clean while you can safely reach every bed in your garden. If the location is only slightly sloping or level, the steps are ideal. They are very easy to install. All you have to do is lay them on the ground where you want to place them and then tread them down. That's all.

Basically, the railing can be installed anywhere, whether on a slope, in a corner or on curves.

Railing for staircase construction in the garden - as a supplement to the slope steps

On slopes, not only a firm footing is important, but also a secure foothold. For this reason, we offer railings made of raw or galvanised steel. The bars are 125 cm high, of which 25 cm disappear into the ground when installed. This leaves 100 cm left over. The bars are 12 mm thick. For the installation of one metre of railing, you need 8 rods. Regardless of how long you want it to be, you must always finish off the railing with an end rod, which you can obtain from us.
Basically, you can install the railing anywhere, be it on a slope, in a corner or with curves. It is very easy and if you no longer need the railing in one place, you can dismantle it very quickly and re-erect it elsewhere if necessary.

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Hangstufen im Garten montieren

Select slope steps - Order sample step

It is not always easy to find the right slope steps when you want to realise your garden ideas for the slope. For this reason, we not only offer you detailed advice, but also the opportunity to obtain a sample step of the Mini type at a greatly reduced price. This service can only be used once per person. If you would like to make use of it, we will grant you a discount of 40 euros (incl. German VAT) on the purchase price.  With a slope step of the Mini type, you can easily test whether the slope steps are right for you because the leg lengths of the front and rear feet are also identical for the Midi and Maxi types.

If your garden has a slope of 30% or more, it is very difficult to walk and work on the terrain.

This is where our slope steps can help.

Slope steps - custom-made

If you have not found anything suitable or if you would like to realise special slope garden ideas, we generally offer you the possibility of custom-made products. We will be happy to make you a personal offer for this, but will require various details in advance:

  • Quantity
  • Material
  • Surface
  • Recessed grip (yes or no)
  • Width and depth of the tread surface.

Slope steps for your garden - Find out now!

Do you have general questions about our products? Do you need assistance with your selection? Do you have questions about installation?
We offer you free and detailed advice by phone or e-mail.

If there is a slope of 30% or more in your garden, it is very difficult to walk and work on the terrain. Our slope steps can help here. Choose from our wide range of products and accessories exactly the ones that suit your personal taste. So you can not only be sure of realising your own slope garden ideas at any time.