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Slope steps for covering in wood or stone

"The decorative" slope step (for covering)

Slope step prepared for an on-site covering, e.g. of stone or wood. This allows you to design the step in your desired look.

Slope steps with covering

Slope steps with covering - easy gardening on slopes

Gardening on a slope makes your work difficult and dangerous if you are not prepared. Slope steps with covering enable you to garden on steep paths, uncomplicatedly and comfortably on slope steps with covering you can work safely on steep terrain, accident-free and without slipping. Outside, the steps are ideal if you want to enjoy working in nature, in rain, wet and fresh snow. Thanks to the simple solution, you can install the slope step easily and with few tools on various inclines and slopes.

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Slope step with covering - simple solution for complicated terrain

Continuous work on slopes robs you of energy and time. Difficult conditions also increase the potential for danger, because you can slip and seriously injure yourself. Damp ground makes your work on a slope almost impossible. There are high quality and flexible outdoor stair treads, with surfacing, on which you can safely and easily climb the slope to do your work effortlessly. You can buy slope steps with covering in different designs, for example, made of different materials and with different surfaces.

Slope steps with covering, beginner-friendly construction, sure-footedness and versatile use

Our slope steps with covering are very easy to assemble.

You can quickly install the mobile stairs with decking at the desired location, even without any manual skills. Simply place the steps in the garden, with covering, and dismantle the steps if necessary. Simple assembly and sturdy construction thanks to angle riveting and 2 mm thick material ensure safe use of the slope steps with covering. Without stair treads gratings with covering, a slippery path is not a safe step and you should postpone your work for safety reasons. If you hire a professional, you will pay a lot of money. For a small budget you can get slope steps with covering, with different surfaces. The different structures guarantee individual measures of stability and diverse design possibilities in your garden.

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Resilient and extremely weather-resistant.

All stair treads for outside with covering stand securely and slip-resistant, solidified in the ground. Outside, the steps can be used according to your needs and you can walk on different slopes over horizontal levels. The solution is called: embankment steps with covering. A mobile staircase with covering protects the plants, because plants under the steps remain undamaged. With little space required, you can install the steps in the garden, with covering, in just a few minutes. You don't need to prepare a concrete substructure and you can start work quickly, keeping your shoes clean.

Rely on the robustness of the slope steps with covering for your gardening and long standing activities.

High-quality slope steps with covering for outside

  • selected exterior stair treads
  • easy to use
  • easy to dismantle
  • flexible to use
  • small space requirement, without subfloor preparation
  • various models

You need to be able to stand comfortably on the embankment step with covering for a long time. Order a sample to choose the right model for you.

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Mobile staircase with covering - a sample to test

You can consider what quality criteria your slope steps with covering should meet and contact promptly. For inexperienced users of stair treads gratings with decking, a slippery path with tread is the right solution. If you do not know which of the stairs you would like to integrate into your garden with decking, you should inform yourself about products and test them. offers unsure customers a sample step in "mini" format and charges a very low price for it. For just 40 euros per piece and per customer, you can order a sample piece and save cash. With the investment in a small order value you profit by a big profit. You hold the product in your hands and can, for example, fully assess haptics, construction and quality.

With tread plates you can optimally complement your slope steps with decking.

Slope steps with covering - two patterns for individual customer requirements

Customers who want to install good stairs in the garden, with covering, can purchase the galvanised steel version 1. You can easily transport this model to the place of use using the recessed grip. The voucher code for this embankment step with covering is "Sample-galvanised".

You can get a mobile staircase with covering by using the second voucher code "Muster-roh". Outdoor stair treads of this type have pull-throughs and you get the model without a recessed grip.

With tread plates you can optimally complement your slope steps with covering. Lay the tread plates on your beds to protect the subsoil and protect the grass and other plants.

Slope steps with covering - Safety precautions for use

Safe work begins with the accurate alignment of the stairs with covering. Only assemble the mobile stairs with well-fitting work gloves and sturdy shoes. You must be able to safely reach the place where you want to install the step and correctly attach the slope steps with decking. Install the steps into the garden with decking and anchor the steps firmly. Push the steel rod through two opposite holes and anchor the stair treads gratings with decking. A slippery path with tread is particularly safe if the steel bar protrudes evenly on both sides. Then carry out a load test and check that the slope steps with covering do not sink further into the soil. If the soil gives way, you must anchor the slope step with covering more firmly.

Slope steps with decking allow you to garden on steep paths, uncomplicatedly and comfortably.

Slope steps with covering

The steps for outside, with covering, must be slightly inclined to the slope. Check the optimum angles by standing on the step. You must be able to stand, move and work safely. If you tip over to the front, you will need to realign the slope steps with decking. If you are integrating steps into the garden, with decking, you should only work on them with sturdy footwear with a deep tread. Do not use the mobile stairs with decking during rain or afterwards, because wetness, ice and snow pose a risk of slipping. On wet ground, you should test whether the slope steps with covering give way in the ground and whether you can stand safely on them.

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Choose the right slope steps with covering

Here are the safety measures for stair treads gratings with covering if a slippery path with tread is the solution for you:

  • outside stair treads should only be installed with safe footwear
  • Anchor slope steps with covering firmly in the ground
  • Position the steel bar correctly
  • Slight inclination of the slope steps with covering to the slope
  • Work only with suitable footwear
  • Do not work on wet slope steps with covering

Work on steep slopes is uncomfortable but necessary. Select the right slope steps with covering from, install and use the stairs professionally to work comfortably on the slope.

Write us an e-mail or give us a call!

Slope steps for your garden - Find out now!

The legs of the front and rear feet are the same length on all slope steps with covering. This allows you to test the outside of the steps extensively on a slope and at work. Bear in mind the limited range of use of the "Mini" step type. You can only use this stair tread with covering on a slope of up to 45°. If you need steps for outside use with covering on a slope inclination of up to 40°, you should opt for a mobile staircase with covering of the type "Midi". If you want to work on a slope of up to 35°, the "Maxi" type of steps is ideal. When using the stair treads gratings with covering, a slippery path with tread is well secured. Don't risk any accidents and order sample steps for your work on the slope. Your virtual shopping cart at has a voucher option. Click on "Do you have a voucher code?" and enter the code. Add the code and purchase Pattern Stair with the corresponding discount.