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Railing steel raw, in the course of time the railing becomes rusty and blends visually into the terrain.

Steel railing

Steel railing - handrail for safety in the garden and other outdoor areas

A steel railing is used to safely and comfortably bridge gradients in the garden and in outdoor areas of all kinds. Just as a large number of accidents occur in the home, this also applies to the green corridor. Suitable security measures do not require much effort. You can install a steel railing outside in just a few steps. In addition to its practical use, its metallic surface also has a decorative character. Avoid accidents on your own property and help prevent accidents with a steel railing - raw or galvanized. 

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You can buy a steel railing bar in our online shop

The question of in which case a steel railing is necessary for use in outdoor areas can be answered by looking at the nature of the garden area. Since an outdoor steel railing is a handrail that serves safety purposes, it should be installed whenever there are stairs with more than three steps in your garden. For example, if a small staircase leads from the terrace down to a meadow or to the flower beds, you are legally obliged to permanently install a handrail. This can be a high-quality steel railing. Whether you choose a railing made of raw steel or with galvanization is up to you. 

Opt for a cost-effective solution with a steel railing that is raw or ungalvanized.

Steel railings - raw or galvanized

A steel railing, like the one you can order online from us, is primarily used to provide security when gardening on embankments. With its versatile range of applications, it is also possible to use the steel railing - raw or galvanized - in conjunction with classic stairs. If there are stairs in your garden or in the outdoor areas of your property whose steps are wider than 1.50 meters, you will need a steel railing on both sides of the stairs. It should also be taken into account that a steel railing is also helpful if it is not a classic staircase, but steps made of granite stones. 

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Steel railing for outdoor use

If the stairs in your garden are small and are smaller than the dimensions mentioned, a steel railing - raw or galvanized - will still offer your family members safety. A steel railing is a sensible investment, especially if there are children or elderly people in your household. The little ones love to run around outdoors and often rush across the lawn while playing and exploring. If you call your child or grandchild onto the patio to eat, without a steel railing, they may accidentally fall and hit their knees. 

Our steel railings offer you a high degree of flexibility when it comes to the safety design of your garden.

Railing made of steel in the form of a bar is one solution

If you are looking for a suitable model to integrate a steel railing into your property, you can order a steel railing from us. A steel railing in the form of a bar is a solution that can be implemented on any garden plot without any problems. The basis for installation is a non-solid surface into which the steel railing rod can be inserted. For installation, we recommend that you select a position along the staircase where the steel baluster can be driven deep into the ground. Since a concrete foundation can be hidden in the ground above a certain depth, we advise you to first check the ground for suitable positioning. Expect to anchor the steel railing deeply into the ground. Exactly how deep depends on the nature of the soil. The looser it is, the deeper the rods have to be driven into the ground. Basically, assume that a proportionate rod length of 25 cm remains in the ground. 

Build steel railings

To build a steel railing in its final version, you first need a steel railing rod. You can get this from us with a length of 125 cm and a material thickness of 12 mm. At the upper end, the railing made of steel (raw) is shaped into an arch. The special thing about our steel railing is that you can decide for yourself how long the railing will extend in the future. Simply order the desired number of steel balusters. 

Our steel railings can withstand even adverse weather conditions.

The inclination of your slope plays a special role.

The minimum purchase quantity is 10 bars. There are around 8 bars per meter of steel railing. There is a distance of around 11.5 cm between the bars. In order to complete the railing harmoniously, you can choose from a separate selection in our online shop to obtain an end bar whose material properties match the steel railing bar. For example, if you want to extend the steps on a slope at a later date, you can do this in the same way with a steel railing on the outside. You can also remove a steel railing at any time to build a secure railing at another location. Our steel railings - raw or galvanized - offer you the variability you need. 

Steel railings are available in the following materials

From us you will receive a railing made of steel, which is raw and not refined. Since raw steel does not have built-in corrosion protection, it will rust over time. This creates a decorative effect - matching other rust-colored decorative accessories that you may already use in your garden. If you prefer a steel railing for outdoor use that is protected against corrosion by moisture in wind and weather, you can buy a steel railing in a galvanized version instead of raw. 

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Railings for your garden - find out more now!

Whether it's a railing made of raw steel or a railing made of steel that is finished with a zinc layer on the outside: both variants have their appeal. The galvanized solution has a slight sheen and shimmers wonderfully in the sunlight. Last but not least, you buy a steel railing from us that is very robust inside and out. Our steel railings can withstand adverse weather conditions, do not warp and have very high impact resistance. If you wish, you can subsequently cover the railing with climbing plants of your choice. Order a steel railing for your own safety and that of others in our online shop today!