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Walkway slab (made of galvanised steel)

Galvanised steel walkway slab, the step plate remains silver.

Galvanised tread plates

Walkway slabs - galvanised, stable and non-slip for additional safety in the garden

Walkway slabs - galvanised and available in our online shop - make a major contribution to making work in the garden and on the property even safer in the future. If there is no sure-footedness in the garden, accidents can quickly occur due to slipping. For more safety in the garden, the galvanised steps from our shop are therefore a good choice. Galvanised steps can be positioned anywhere in the garden that has a soft surface. Whether it's a slippery path or a section of your property that can only be walked on when you're climbing a slope: You are guaranteed not to go wrong in your household with tread plates that are galvanised.

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Galvanised steps for the garden

Buy from our collection of high quality, well thought-out and tried and tested product features. A slippery path and the hassle of negotiating a slope are finally a thing of the past with our tread plates. Take a look at our range of galvanised tread plates now and treat yourself to something good for your health with sure-footedness in the garden.Galvanised tread plates, which you can conveniently order from our online shop, have a sufficiently large format so that the entire foot can usually find support on the plate. Especially when the challenge is "slippery path", stability is the be-all and end-all when walking on the property. You can use the slabs for more safety in the garden and on your property wherever there is a loose surface. 

Even the lawn - can be quickly and easily transformed into a walk-on area with galvanised steps in the garden.

Galvanised tread plates can be used for many years.

If the soil is soaked by rainwater, it can quickly turn into a muddy landscape. A slippery path or slope is then usually the logical consequence. At the same time, the risk of twisting an ankle or slipping down a slope increases. In the worst-case scenario, this can result not only in a broken bone, but also in the loss of life if the fall is high enough or the impact is unfavourable. To prevent this from happening in the first place, we advise you to install galvanised steps in the garden and to use heavy-duty tread plates to provide more surefootedness in the garden. 

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Resilient and extremely weather-resistant.

In addition to more sure-footedness in the garden, we also recommend buying galvanised tread plates to create more safety on company premises. Many paths that are used for greening the outdoor areas of a property are muddy and inadequately secured. As factors such as work safety are particularly important in a business environment, you can also provide additional safety here with our tread plates. This not only prevents your employees from being absent from work, but often also avoids trouble with the employers' liability insurance association. Galvanised steps are suitable for the garden and all places that are frequented but do not have a solid surface. Don't compromise on safety in your garden or on any other property and buy galvanised steps from our online shop. 

Tread plates - galvanised for excellent protection against possible corrosion

Advantages galvanised walkway slabs

One of the particularly great advantages that galvanised garden steps have to offer is the possibility of a variable arrangement. You have the choice of how far apart the walkway slabs should be positioned. We recommend buying more of our galvanised tread plates so that you don't have to cover larger distances when walking or climbing. This requires muscle strength, is strenuous and is particularly unsuitable for older people. 

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Sure-footedness in the garden

You can also opt for galvanised tread plates if a slippery path requires more safety in the garden and you are looking for a rust-proof solution. Having galvanised steps in the garden means first-class corrosion resistance and the possibility of using the galvanised tread plates for many years. In our online shop, galvanised tread plates are also available in smaller formats in addition to the maxi version for the entire base. You can also ensure more sure-footedness in your garden or on your property with tread plates in mini and midi sizes. 

Buy galvanised tread plates to create more safety on company premises.

Galvanised steps for the garden

Another big advantage that galvanized steps for the garden from our shop offer is that moisture does not build up on the plate. Our tread plates are not only galvanized, but also perforated and available with a pull-through. This means that moisture that rolls off the soles of the shoes can flow out through the holes and the soil underneath the tread plates breathes much better. In addition, our tread plates are galvanized and extremely easy to maintain. With their spikes, they can be safely dug into the ground and stay there by themselves without any type of additional securing. 

Galvanized tread plates for slippery paths

If a slippery path requires more safety in the garden, you can ensure this in no time with walkway slabs (galvanized). Our tread plates offer excellent grip for more sure-footedness in the garden and enable you to overcome slopes without any problems. Thanks to them, you can now not only ensure sure-footedness in the garden, but also use every part of your property to its full extent. Areas that were previously unplanted and fell victim to the fact of a sloping property can now be made safer and greened with your desired bushes, flowers and other plants. In addition to security in the garden, you can get the most out of your property. 

You can buy high quality galvanized steps for the garden in our collection

Galvanized tread plates for every need

Buying walkway slabs galvanized and in a small bundle for personal use from our range offers security in the garden on several levels. If you need assistance determining the correct number of steps required for a slippery path, we would be happy to assist you with this task. Based on the property measured in square meters, we will advise you on how many galvanized tread plates you need to achieve the desired increased slip resistance in the garden. 

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Galvanized tread plates as a walkway

Whether you need to secure a slippery path or you want to create a cost-effective walkway with our tread plates: tread plates that are galvanized and made of steel,

  • are robust
  • enchant with a slight shine and
  • sparkle among the green of your garden like little gems.

Write us an email or call us!

Order galvanized steps for your garden 24/7 in our online shop and have us deliver the steps to your front door or garden gate! 

Steps for your garden - find out more now!

Using galvanized steps in your garden offers you a very high potential for use. A slippery path can also be completely redesigned with galvanized steps in the garden. If you want a high level of safety in the garden and also an attractively priced solution for designing a garden path, we recommend that you buy our galvanized tread plates. But it's not just a slippery path - the lawn can also be quickly and easily transformed into a walkable area using galvanized steps in the garden. If you use tread plates to achieve much-needed safety in the garden, you or your guests will no longer have to walk across colorful flowering meadows in the future. In addition to the sure-footedness in the garden that our galvanized tread plates provide, Mother Nature also enjoys this solution.