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Quality was the top priority in the development of the steps and slabs. Only a long-lasting and high-quality product will give you pleasure, that is my conviction. So something was always changed and improved during the product development. For example, the stable angle riveting made the product more expensive to manufacture - but in return a much better stand is guaranteed and the steps and slabs can now be loaded with a weight of up to 250 kg.

In the end, the result was a saleable product that we are proud of!

Quality has its price! In return you get:

- a durable product
- a high quality product
- You can open up areas that were previously not usable or not usable at all.

Just compare the time and financial effort if you want to build a garden staircase or a garden path in conventional construction. Not to mention the flexibility, you can move the steps and slabs if necessary.

You can find prices at ....

.... via the "Shop/Prices" tab at the top left of the homepage. There you can then filter by criteria in about the middle on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side, click on a picture and you will be taken to the article page, where you will also find the prices.


For larger orders you will receive attractive quantity discounts. The quantity discount also applies if you select different types of steps and slabs, the total quantity ordered counts.

- Steel steps, untreated, type "The natural" (only steps with punched serrated holes) and steel slabs, untreated, as well as
- Galvanised steel steps type "The shiny" (only steps with punched serrated holes) and galvanised steel slabs

from a total purchase of 5 pieces - 5,00€ price reduction/piece (incl. German VAT)
from a total purchase of 10 pieces - 7,50€ price reduction/piece (incl. German VAT)
from a total purchase of 20 pieces - 10,00€ price reduction/piece (incl. German VAT)

- Steps steel galvanised type "The colourful"

from a total purchase of 20 pieces - 25,00€ price reduction/piece (incl. German VAT)
from a total purchase of 30 pieces - 50,00€ price reduction/piece (incl. German VAT)

Please note the minimum order quantities in each case! 

To be found
- on the respective product page (below the button "Add to shopping cart) or
- in the category view (left)

Repeat orders

For repeat orders you will receive the same discount as for your original order (provided, of course, that the original order was for at least 5 pieces!). If you have a repeat order, please let us know the quantity and the type of step or tread beforehand here. We will then send you a voucher code. Shipping costs may apply.