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If you are still not sure, you can order a sample step of the type "Mini" here at a greatly reduced price. The one-time discount is 40€ incl. German VAT. This price is only possible once per customer and only for one piece of the two steps shown below.

Please understand that it is not possible to send samples in a different design and quantity. The leg length of the front and rear feet are the same for all steps, so you can use these steps to test whether they are suitable for your slope or situation. The principle of the slope steps is therefore basically always the same.

However, please bear in mind that this is the "Mini" step type, which is suitable for slopes of up to 45°. For comparison: the "Midi" step type is suitable for a slope of up to 40°, the "Maxi" step type is suitable for a slope of up to 35°!

Click on "Have a promo code?" in the shopping basket on the right-hand side, then enter the code listed below and click on "add" on the right. You will then be granted the corresponding discount.

Variant 1:

Galvanised steel, with punched serrated holes, with recessed grip, 200 x 200 mm

Order sample step galvanized steel

Promo code: Muster-verzinkt

Variant 2:

Raw steel, with punched serrated holes, without recessed grip, 200 x 200 mm


Order sample step raw steel

Promo code: Muster-roh