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Walkway slabs steel raw, with or without recessed grip.

Walkway slab (made of raw steel)

Walkway slab steel raw, in the course of time the step plate becomes rusty and blends in visually with the terrain.

Steel walkway slabs

Steel footplates - the uncomplicated solution for more safety in your garden

Steel walkway slabs help to make your own green idyll even safer: They provide surefootedness in the garden. In many areas of a garden, the bare earth requires a great deal of care during gardening and other outdoor activities. Rain, frost, snow, ice and increased humidity can cause the soil to become soggy and turn into a muddy landscape in no time at all. There is a high risk of slipping on the soft ground and sustaining injuries. The same applies when walking on a property on a slope. With slabs, slippery paths or slopes are finally a thing of the past. You can order high-quality steel steps for your garden in our online shop. 

Trittplatten aus Stahl
Trittplatten im Garten

Steel tread plates have another area of application

Steps in the garden made of steel can be installed in various positions within the green oasis. They are suitable for moving around in beds, for example, to provide more sure-footedness in the garden. If the seeds of flowers and vegetables have not yet germinated, it is difficult to know exactly where they have been sown if they are not adequately labelled. To prevent the tender seedlings from being damaged before they are visible, it is helpful to integrate steel tread plates into the bed. This allows beds to be walked on safely for plant care purposes such as watering and fertilising. At the same time, the risk of slipping on the wet soil in the bed is reduced. Steel tread plates can also be used to make paths in the garden safer to walk on. A slippery path is also an issue, for example, when lawns are soaked by large amounts of precipitation.

Steel tread plates can be used in a variety of ways on your property

Steel walkway slabs for more safety

Walking on the lawn ensures that the delicate blades of grass are trampled down and then find it difficult to stand up again. If steel tread plates are planned into the garden design from the outset for greater safety, the lawn grows around the tread plates and naturally provides a path for walking on the property. In this way, a slippery path can be avoided from the outset. Last but not least, steel tread plates can be installed on slopes and slopes can be climbed without any problems and with increased surefootedness in the garden. Thanks to their steel-based slip resistance, our garden steps are also suitable for creating steps at the transition from the lawn to the patio. 

Rutschiger Weg
Sicherheit im Garten

Steel tread plates - staggered quantity

Our walkway slabs are available in customised quantities. This has the advantage that you can decide on the spacing between the tread plates and how easy it is to reach neighbouring areas. If you don't want to maintain spacing, the steel tread plates can also be laid in a row in the form of a fixed path.

Order steel tread plates from our range

Steel tread plates - a robust material for a safe step

Sure-footedness in the garden is always guaranteed if the product is highly functional and made from a solid material. The garden steps available from us are made of steel and impress with their first-class stability. Steel is a material that cannot be easily bent. It therefore has a high degree of dimensional stability and therefore offers additional safety in the garden and on commercial properties. With our steel tread plates, you have the choice of whether we should supply your walkway slabs in their raw state or in a form finished with zinc. The different versions of our steel tread plates have a different visual effect. If our untreated steel garden steps come into contact with moisture, you can expect rust to set in shortly.

Trittstufen einbauen

Steel tread plates with a galvanised look

This creates a vintage effect that blends decoratively into the design of your garden. If you want a purist and very elegant solution, you can opt for steel tread plates with a galvanised look. With this version, your tread plates will enjoy a long service life and ensure that a slippery path remains safe for an above-average period of time. Our steel walkway slabs are also available in various formats. Decide for yourself whether you want your steel garden steps to be square or rectangular. The geometric shape of your flower beds and the other design elements in your garden are a suitable guide for this. 

In our online shop, you can order high-quality steel stepping plates for your garden

Steel tread plates - a sustainable solution

Furthermore, our tread plates - regardless of which version you choose - are fitted with pull-throughs. They offer your feet excellent stability. In addition, the soil and lawn can breathe optimally through the steel tread plates. The tread plates available to order in our online shop are therefore a sustainable solution that is conducive to optimum climatic conditions and excellent aeration of the soil. 

Steel tread plates create more safety

Furthermore, our garden steps are not only available in steel, but also with a convenient recessed grip on request. This makes them particularly easy to place and remove again if required. Because: With our tread plates, you not only create more safety in your garden, but also remain flexible with them at all times. Thanks to their compact shape and customisable number, you can place the tread plates wherever sure-footedness is required in the garden, allowing you to use them wherever you need them.

Steel tread plates available in various formats

Steel steps for your garden

Installation is very simple: each of our steel walkway slabs has four feet that dig into the soft ground like spikes. To do this, simply position the tread plates in the desired location and press the foot into the ground. The steel tread plates are now firmly attached to the ground. This transforms a slippery path into a safe place to walk within seconds. If you need the tread plates for increased safety in the garden at a different location without buying additional steel garden steps, you can move them again at any time - just as a slippery path and safety in your garden require.

Rutschiger Weg in Garten
Trittplatten für Garten

Tread plates for the garden - made of steel

It's not just older people who gain more safety with our steel footplates - in the garden and for their own mobility. The risk of a slippery path becoming a health hazard is particularly high on very steep slopes. Even excellent manoeuvrability is only of limited help on loose ground. Furthermore, our steel tread plates relieve the strain on your back and contribute to back-friendly gardening. 

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Tread plates for your garden - find out more now!

For greater safety in the garden, steel walkway slabs are a highly functional solution that can be realised at low cost. In our online shop, we offer you a diverse collection of tread plates that give you plenty of creative freedom and make it safer to walk on the various areas of your garden or property. Select your desired steel tread plates now and have them conveniently delivered to your desired location!