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Slope steps aluminium chequer plate Mini, Midi and Maxi, with or without recessed grip.

"The light" slope step (made of aluminium)

Aluminium slope step, the lightest variant

Aluminium slope steps

Aluminium slope steps - overcome small and large differences in height without problems

The different height levels of properties make many outdoor works impossible. This sometimes leaves very large areas unused - wasted space that could actually be put to very good use. A solution is closer than you think: stair treads can be easily anchored in the ground outside with their sturdy aluminium spikes. The aluminium slope steps available from us make it possible and a slippery path is no longer a safety risk with such a step. The aluminium slope steps that you can buy in our online shop are an uncomplicated solution to master the different height levels without any problems

Alutreppen in Garten
Treppen aus Alu unter Schnee

Aluminium slope steps - what's behind them?

A slope step is an embankment step that you can get made of aluminium in our online shop. On a property, slopes have the disadvantage that you have a hard time finding a foothold with your feet on the slope due to the gradient. Stair treads for outside, which are made of aluminium, provide a remedy and make a lot of work on the outside of your property easier. The steps are designed as aluminium gratings. Spikes on the underside make it easy to insert them into the ground. The body weight that acts on the steps when stepping on them from the outside presses the slope steps into the ground and gives them the desired stability.

Stairs made of aluminium in many different variants with us

Aluminium slope steps - for whom are they an excellent choice?

Many owners of private homes want to plant their outdoor areas with greenery. Since mowing the lawn usually requires a lot of effort, the choice often falls on shrubs and perennials that overgrow slopes and set the scene tastefully. Plants, however, require care even if they are basically very low-maintenance. Whether you want to do the work yourself or hire a gardener: stairs - made of aluminium - are a welcome help in the garden. In addition, you can also buy mobile stairs made of aluminium as a businessman for a company property in our online shop. Because: Safety must also be ensured around the company. A slippery path must be secured with a suitable step for reasons of liability alone. The aluminium slope steps are perfectly suited for this purpose.

Alu Treppen in Garten
Mobile Treppe aus Alu

Mobile stairs made of aluminium - Possibilities of integration into the property

Aluminium slope steps prove to be real all-rounders. They are suitable for a variety of soft surfaces. With their pointed prongs, you can drill into lawns and bare earth - with or without gravel or set offsets. This allows you to walk down a slippery path without the risk of slipping on wet ground. In addition, you can safely climb slopes through the steps on the outside. To do this, position the steps on the outside with their aluminium profile next to each other or arrange them one above the other. Especially larger slopes can be provided with a discreet solution for a firm hold under your feet by the aluminium stair tread. We offer you the steps for the garden made of aluminium in the number you desire. So you can decide for yourself how many stair tread gratings made of aluminium you want to use for your property.

Flexibility and resilience are characteristic of the exterior stair treads.

Buy aluminium slope steps from the experts

Quite a few people make do with half-silk solutions for steps on the outside. Since slopes and embankments carry the risk of losing your footing and falling down, you should do without them. Instead, use aluminium gratings for stair treads, as you can find in many variations in our online shop. The stairs, which also look good in the garden in aluminium, have some special features to offer in their exclusive design in our shop.

Hangstufen aus Alu

Aluminium slope steps in a variety of designs

If you want to buy slope steps made of aluminium, we recommend that you match their appearance to the design of your outdoor facilities, to a building located on the property and to the surroundings.

You can make a slope step

  • from aluminium
  • from raw steel
  • Galvanised steel
  • stainless steel or
  • with a powder coating

in our online shop.

Flexible use for your outdoor area

Exterior stair treads resistant to moisture

A slippery path should receive stair treads for a step that is safe at all times? Ideally, the outdoor stair treads are resistant to moisture. Make sure that you choose a model with integrated corrosion protection. This can be galvanised outdoor stair treads or a model with a powder coating. Since raw steel does not form a natural oxidation layer, such a finish is elementary in connection with steel.

Aluminium slope steps

Our stairs for the garden, which are made of aluminium, have a very low dead weight and can therefore be moved very quickly if necessary. If you are looking for slope steps made of aluminium, because you can use them flexibly and solution-oriented, a mobile staircase made of aluminium is a very good choice. In addition, you can get outdoor stair treads made of aluminium with a glossy look. While aluminium gratings for stair treads are rather plain and inconspicuous, the shiny outdoor stair treads stand out a little more.

Stair treads for outdoors made of aluminium - uncomplicated solution for safe working on slopes

Stair treads as gratings made of aluminium

We offer you stair treads as gratings made of aluminium, which you can use flexibly for your outdoor area. Furthermore, you can exclusively order the mobile aluminium stairs from us in many different variants. The following portrait will show you how you can attach stair treads outside, what advantages stair treads for the garden have, which ones are made of aluminium, and what else the stair tread made of aluminium can do. Discover now the world of the versatile and very high quality slope steps made of aluminium.

Alu Treppen mit Gelände
Alu Treppen einbauen

Building mobile stairs from aluminium

When considering the number of aluminium slope steps, take into account how far out the steps should be placed from each other. Bear in mind that larger distances require larger steps and, in the case of a very steep slope, correspondingly more muscle power in the legs. Ideally, you should assemble a mobile staircase made of aluminium with a higher number of steps that you place on the outside made of aluminium. This way you would not have to cover extensive distances and you can carry out outdoor work much more comfortably.

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Slope steps for your garden - Find out now!

Aluminium slope steps qualify as a powerful variant for skilfully mastering the height level in outdoor areas. In our shop you can buy slope steps made of aluminium in a very solid design and you can choose your favourite from different variants of surface finish. Look around in our shop for an aluminium slope step and secure it now!