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The following questions will guide you to the right product for you:

1. Material + Surface:

Would you rather have tread plates that will stay silver (galvanized steel) or tread plates that will rust (raw steel) and blend in with the terrain visually?

It is also possible to have the tread plates individually coated in "galvanized steel" according to the RAL color chart. Thus, the tread plates can be suitably designed according to your personal taste. Click here for more information.

Zu Please refer to the FAQ page if you wish to paint the "galvanised steel" version of the step plates yourself!

2. Recessed grip:

Should the step plates have a recessed grip (easy to grip from above) or not (step plates must then be taken sideways on the right and left)? If you want to move the step plates frequently, then the recessed grip makes sense.

On the product page (to the right of the product images) you have the option of selecting or deselecting the recessed grip.

3. Surefootedness:

The tread plates are only offered in the version with perforation (holes with serrated edges). These offer the highest level of slip resistance.


Step plate steel, perforated with perforation (serrated holes)

For comparison: slopesteps with anti-slip foil (not available as tread plate)

For comparison: Slopesteps with aluminium, ribbed (not available as step plate)

For comparison: Slopesteps smooth (not available as tread plate)

Take a look at the videos in the "Slide test" section!


4. The size of the tread plates:

Series "MINI", tread depth 200 mm    
Possible tread plate widths 200, 290 or 380 mm

Series "MIDI", tread depth 250 mm
Possible tread plate widths 250, 365 or 480 mm

Series "MAXI", tread depth 300 mm
Possible tread plate widths 300, 440 or 580 mm

Size compared to the depth of the tread plate (see above):

A shoe size of 38 (German) corresponds to a foot length of approx. 240 mm (shoe length correspondingly longer).

A shoe size of 41 (German) corresponds to a foot length of approx. 260 mm (shoe length correspondingly longer).

A shoe size of 44 (German) corresponds to a foot length of approx. 280 mm (shoe length correspondingly longer).

5. Weight:

Step plate steel > (Ex: smallest step plate size 1.6 kg)

6. Unterground:

+ +


-  +
Forest Soil

-   -
Stone Soil

7. Accessories:

The knee pads are practical if you want to kneel on the tread plates when weeding, for example.

8. If you want it to go a little faster ....:

Which products are in stock?

Filter options to help you make the right choice can also be found here (on the left) and at the top of the search box!

You can also add products from the overview to a comparison list. If you move the mouse over a product in the category overview, simply click on the double arrow and an item will be added to the list. Click here to go to the product comparison list!

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