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Galvanised steel railing, the railing remains silver.

Order railings made of galvanized steel for gardens - from Ulrich Wilhelm

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Galvanized steel railing

If you equip your slope steps with a railing made of galvanized steel, you will experience several advantages in everyday life. Provide a firm hold on the slope in your garden and add a stylish metallic accent that is easy on the eyes! At Ulrich Wilhelm you will find various railings that are galvanized and available as a kit. Place an order with your desired products now and have them conveniently delivered to your door! Please note that we also sell other products in our online shop, for example our practical slope steps. 

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High quality and durable material

Galvanized steel has some compelling properties, which is why it's no surprise that these two combined metals make the ideal choice for an outdoor railing. The materials have even been specifically selected so that you can enjoy your new railing for many decades. The iron-based material steel is used in numerous construction products. This is because it is extremely versatile, inexpensive and easy to recycle. Take advantage of these advantages on your private slope too. 

Pure steel is extremely susceptible to corrosion in the garden. Due to the constant moisture and various salts in the air, steel rusts considerably within a short period of time and quickly loses its positive properties. This may be desirable under certain circumstances: rusting steel is beautiful to look at and also fits beautifully into the garden. But if you don't want to use rusty metal as a railing solution, the disadvantage can be easily avoided: A railing made of galvanized steel cannot rust, unlike raw steel. By placing the galvanized railing in the garden, it can still absorb moisture. Corrosion is almost impossible with these products. 

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How do I build the galvanized steel railing?

It is very easy to build our galvanized steel railing after we have delivered the galvanized railing as a kit. It makes sense to first attach the slope steps to the slope. This allows you to work on the railing with the ground level beneath your feet. Another option is to build slope steps and railings at the same time. For a visually appealing result, it has proven useful to work with cords for a straight line and a spirit level for straight rods.

Since each baluster weighs 1.4 kilos, it's best to work your way little by little. You start with a normal baluster and add more bars. To do this, always thread the straight end of the following stick through the opening of the stick that is already in the ground. The end piece no longer has such an opening. This just needs to be guided through the opening of the last railing bar and stuck into the ground. 

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Reposition galvanized steel railings at any time

Our galvanized steel railings are clever balusters. You neither attach these to a wall nor mount them on special posts. Instead, you stick the galvanized railings into the garden ground and leave them there. No foundation or bracket is necessary. Each rod has a curved and a straight end. The curved side serves as a handle that is available at an optimal height above the ground. The straight end can be easily inserted into the ground. You can move the galvanized steel railings at any time if necessary. This is what our handrails have in common with the high-quality slope steps, which can also be repositioned if necessary. 

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Install galvanized steel railings in the garden

A popular alternative to a galvanized steel railing is the stainless steel railing. Stainless steel is just as robust and easy to clean as galvanized steel, but it does not corrode even though it does not have an additional protective layer. Unfortunately, stainless steel is also a very expensive metal. Stainless steel railings cost much more than galvanized steel railings. If you want to save money, you should buy a railing (galvanized) as a kit, as the potential for savings is enormous. In practice, it doesn't matter whether you install a galvanized steel railing in the garden or whether you use stainless steel. Only the appearance of the surface differs slightly. 

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Why should I buy galvanized railings as a kit?

Unlike railings that can be permanently mounted on the wall, you can simply stick our galvanized steel railings into the ground. You decide for yourself how long the galvanized railing is that you stick into the garden ground. Since you extend the railing with each additional bar that you integrate into the row, an individually assembled kit is the optimal solution for you. 

The protective layer made of zinc is also known as galvanization. This is very durable and can last up to 100 years. During this period, it does not require any care or maintenance from you. It is also not the case that the rust-repellent effect of a railing made of galvanized steel would only be maintained as long as the zinc alloy remained intact. If there are any slight scratches or small scratches, the zinc layer will close automatically - without any action on your part. You therefore do not have to regularly check the galvanized railing, which is waiting to be used in the garden, but can simply leave it to its own devices. However, if there is significant damage, such as storm damage, it is possible to close it again professionally and safely. 

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What does a railing (galvanized) kit consist of?

If you would like to order a railing made of galvanized steel for your slope from us, put together a kit for the railing (galvanized) yourself. To equip one linear meter with the galvanized steel railing, you need eight rods. So for a three meter long stretch you should order 24 rods. Make sure that an end rod is required for the finish. This completes the railing in a visually attractive way and gives the plug-in construction additional stability as the last element cannot twist. 

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Galvanized railings in the garden: How deep should the rods be inserted into the ground?

If you choose our clip-in galvanized steel railing, you can attach it to your slope yourself. When setting up, at least a fifth of the entire length should be sunk into the ground. You can also stick the stakes a little deeper into the ground. Since each stick is 125 centimeters long, stick at least 25 centimeters into the ground. The final height of the railing is then one meter. This is the ideal height for this purpose. 

A railing made of galvanized steel is basically maintenance-free. You don't have to regularly paint the metallic surface or repair any damage. However, over time it may happen that the railing needs to be straightened again. You can also work visually or work very precisely with a spirit level. No other care measures are required.