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Notes and warnings

1. Assembly

Place the walkway slabs on the ground and press or tap them into the ground with a foot or a rubber mallet.

2. Safety

Use work gloves and safe, sturdy footwear when transporting, assembling and dismantling the walkway slabs.

During assembly, make sure that the walkway slabs are firmly anchored. 

Only step on the walkway slabs with sturdy shoes.

When stepping on the walkway slabs after rain, wetness, ice or snow, check that the steps do not give way in the ground and that there is good stability.

3. Use

The walkway slabs are used to improve the walkability of flat and, at most, slightly sloping layers. The walkway slabs may only be used for this purpose (i.e. for the intended use).

Only healthy persons with unrestricted walking ability who are sure of their steps may use the walkway slabs.

4. Maintenance

Make sure that the walkway slabs are always free of dirt, soil, leaves, twigs and the like. This is the only way to ensure a safe step and a secure footing.

5. Liability

When handling the purchased walkway slabs, the manufacturer's instructions and the information on the safety instructions (enclosed with the walkway slabs in the box) must be observed. Defective products must be taken out of service immediately. The liability of and its vicarious agents is limited in all cases to intent, gross negligence and breach of material contractual obligations. Liability for damage resulting from use of the purchased product contrary to its intended purpose is excluded. In the event of negligent breach of material contractual obligations, liability shall be limited to the foreseeable typical damage. Claims for injury to life, body and health as well as product liability claims remain unaffected by this.