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Slope step powder coated

"The colourful" slope step (powder-coated)

Slopestep powder coated

Powder-coated slope steps

Powder-coated steps in the garden increase work safety

Powder-coated slope steps provide access on steep embankments and slopes. Safety is a top priority when gardening and working outdoors. Powder-coated mobile steps are the ideal solution for safely negotiating even steep slopes. They join the steps together to form a path so that you can climb the slope effortlessly and safely. The individual steps can be freely combined with each other. This turns a slippery path into a safe step. We offer the slope steps powder-coated - select the desired colour from the RAL colour chart K5 Classic. The slope steps (powder-coated) shine in almost any colour. If you wish, you can combine different colour variants of the slope steps with each other.

A powder-coated slope step is the ideal solution

Powder-coated outdoor steps offer flexibility. You have the choice of whether you want to use the powder-coated steps as a mobile staircase or whether you want to install powder-coated steps permanently in the ground in your garden. Building powder-coated steps in the garden is child's play. Depending on the incline and shape of the slope, you can install the powder-coated mobile steps straight or at an angle to each other. A substructure is not required. The plants under the steps are not damaged by the steps. You walk over the plants without damaging them. A powder-coated embankment step is the ideal solution for making slopes accessible without damaging the soil or plants.

A slippery path becomes a safe step thanks to the powder-coated slope steps

Our powder-coated slope steps are very easy to install.

When you install powder-coated steps in your garden, you get a durable and weather-resistant step. We use a PE powder coating in a wide range of colours. Powder-coated steps are ideal for outdoor use thanks to their protection. They are available in a variety of colours, so that not only is a slippery path transformed into a safe step, but the construction also blends in perfectly with its surroundings.

Process Powder-coated slope steps

If you are wondering how the slope steps are powder-coated, you will be amazed at the effect created by a simple and proven process. The slope steps are powder-coated by applying the selected powder coating to the electrically conductive material using a special coating process. The exterior stair treads are coated in a multi-stage process. Firstly, the exterior stair treads undergo surface pre-treatment. After intermediate drying, the PE powder is applied and then dried.

Buy powder-coated outdoor slope steps now and ensure safe working in the garden.

Properties powder-coated slope steps

Powder-coated stair treads have gratings or holes through which the water can drain away. The surface therefore remains non-slip, and a slippery path is not created but is overcome by the outdoor stair treads. As the slope steps are powder-coated, they have all the properties provided by the high-quality PE coating. PE is the abbreviation for polyethylene. It is a thermoplastic powder coating that uses various additives to optimise its properties. Powder-coated slope steps have excellent resistance to acids and alkalis.

Resistance Powder-coated slope steps

A powder-coated outdoor slope step is therefore resistant to many of the products commonly used in gardens. Please note, however, that there are limits to the resistance and, depending on the influence, colour changes may occur on the slope steps. Powder-coated steps have gratings that are impact-resistant yet flexible, which increases slip resistance. Powder-coated stair treads for outdoor use have excellent low-temperature resistance. Even at low temperatures, the steps do not crack. A powder-coated embankment step can therefore remain on the slope even in winter. Powder-coated steps in the garden are useful at any time of year, as you will need to negotiate slopes at any time, whether for gardening or other outdoor work. The PE powder is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. There are no disadvantages for flora and fauna due to the slope steps (powder-coated).

With a mobile steel staircase or a steel embankment step, you can achieve a firm footing anywhere.

Different colour variants of powder-coated slope steps

Powder-coated stair treads have gratings in different colours. You decide what colour the powder-coated mobile staircase should be. There are 215 possible colours from the RAL colour palette. Whether you prefer an inconspicuous and simple colour or a strikingly bright design - powder-coated steps have gratings that blend perfectly into your garden concept in terms of colour. If you install powder-coated steps in your garden that have an inconspicuous colour, the steps will harmonise perfectly with the surroundings. The sloping steps (powder-coated) are often not noticeable from a distance and are therefore an inconspicuous addition to the garden. If you choose powder-coated steps (gratings) in an eye-catching colour, the slope steps (powder-coated) will be clearly visible, which can be an important safety feature depending on the weather conditions.

The slope steps are available in the following materials

The slope steps are powder-coated to protect the material against external influences. Powder-coated stair treads (gratings) are insensitive to sunlight. The colour does not change and the coating does not peel off. However, please note that the colour may change after some time due to foot traffic. Powder-coated stair treads for outdoor use are resistant to corrosion. The PE coating reduces susceptibility to moisture so that rust does not form. If the steps are powder-coated, they are a durable product.

A powder-coated embankment step can therefore remain on the slope even in winter.

Secure hold with powder-coated slope steps

The surface of the outdoor steps is not rough, but still tread-resistant. The powder-coated mobile steps therefore offer a secure foothold on rough terrain. Structured planning is required to turn a slippery path into a safe step. Install powder-coated steps in the garden wherever you have to overcome steep differences in height. Pay attention to the appropriate spacing between the individual steps. Utilise the natural shape of the slope to construct the stairs to achieve maximum comfort.

Durability of powder-coated slope steps

The steps are made of galvanised steel. Steel is a robust and stable material whose positive properties are further enhanced by galvanising. The susceptibility to rust is reduced and durability is increased. Galvanised steel has a service life of up to 75 to 100 years, depending on the environmental conditions. As the slope steps are powder-coated but are used outdoors, the service life is slightly reduced. Regular cleaning and reconditioning when worn increases the protection again. The sun does not damage the outdoor steps. Galvanised steel is heat-resistant. It can easily withstand temperatures of 80 to 200 degrees Celsius without jeopardising the corrosion protection. Under normal circumstances, no damage to the slope steps (powder-coated) is to be expected.

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There are many occasions when a powder-coated embankment step is irreplaceable. Whether it's a slippery path up a hill or a steep slope that prevents safe tree and shrub care - the powder-coated mobile steps offer a remedy. The slope steps (powder-coated) are suitable for private gardeners and professional gardeners. You can install the outdoor steps in your own garden just as quickly as when working in customers' gardens. Mobility and flexibility are decisive advantages here. 

Slope steps for your garden - find out more now!

Powder-coated stair treads are securely fastened outside in just a few minutes. When not in use and for transport, you can stack the individual steps to save space. You decide when and where you want to install the powder-coated steps in the garden. Depending on the need or frequency of access to the slope, you can choose a permanent or temporary installation. You can easily install the (powder-coated) slope steps yourself without the help of a tradesman. The powder-coated mobile staircase is "Made in Germany" and has a high manufacturing quality. It is protected by the European patent EP 3 461 966 B1 and the German utility model DE 20 2017 005 022, making powder-coated steps in the garden a tested and good product.